Beamish horse waggonway

The replica wooden waggonway at Beamish Museum.
vehicle waggon sideview P9014943 corve and sled P9014955 corve and sled P9014962 crossing pony trod P9014937 crossing pony trod P9014947
crossing pony trod P9014948 crossing pony trod P9014949 horse gin P9014921 horse gin P9014951 horse gin P9014952
horse gin P9014953 horse gin P9014954 Left hand divergence crossing (frog) P9014966 Left hand divergence left hand rail at toe P9014966 Left hand divergence right hand rail P9014966
Left hand divergence with waggons P9014966 track pegged rail joint P9014946 track run of wooden rails P9014939 track wooden rails P9014940 vehicle dandycart P9014963
vehicle openframe truck P9014936 vehicle waggon brake P9014944 vehicle waggon end with track P9014941 vehicle waggon endview P9014942 vehicle waggon P9014945
vehicles dandycart and waggon P9014938