LNWR Pet (NRM York)

Some detailed pictures of parts of the LNWR locomotive Pet in the NRM York. (Pictures taken for a modelling project)
01 general view front and l h side  taken 2008  P3201242 62561626 02 general view r h side  taken 2008  P3201242 62561627 03 general view rear and l h side  taken 2008  P3201242 62561628 close up of base of expansion links crop of PC125941 62570407
connecting rod  RHS  and water pump rod part of PC125947 62565101 crank axle PC125955 62561572 crank axle PC125956 62561573 crank from below PC125954 62561571
cylinder glands 2  LHS  part of PC125949 62565102 cylinder glands part of PC125950 62565103 drain cocks and cylinders from below PC125940 62561564 eccentric details r h side PC125935 62561566
eccentrics and crank axle PC125933 62561559 expansion link etc part of PC125946 62565104 fitting detail under fire box PC125934 62561557 frame spacer lifting link etc PC125947 62570508
front axle and bearing block PC125952 62561560 front axle and cylinders PC125950 62561555 front axle cylinder and hornblock PC125949 62561556 front end detail from below PC125939 62561558
front of cylinder from below PC125938 62561568 front r h side spring and valve gear detail PC125944 62561575 glimpse of crosshead PC125932 62561569 lifting link detail PC125927 62561567
lifting link etc PC125946 62561553 rear l h side detail PC125942 62561562 rear r h side close up PC125945 62561565 rear r h side sping and pipe detail PC125943 62561554
stephenson valve gear 62571342 underside view looking rearwards PC125941 62561574 valve gear with ruler PC125929 62561563 water pump  probably   PC125931 62561561