Motivation and Brexit (First posted 31/Jan/2020)

By | 8 December 2020

A new year, in the west and the east, and supposedly a new dawn for the UK brought about by power of the people. Whether or not the post-BREXIT UK starting from midnight tonight will be good or bad we await; I have my own view and it is worrying.

It is also hard to be motivated given the scenarios being prophesied by many who’s views I respect, and that isn’t either Nigel Farage or our Prime Minister. Both are able politicians, if being able is the ability to get elected on the back of popularism; I would prefer my politicians to be strong and do what is right for the country even if that is unpopular.

We must also hope that sufficient action is taken, and quickly enough, to stop the spread of the new Coronavirus. Our sympathies to the Chinese people, and any others too, caught up in this medical emergency.

A recovered post – original post date 31 January 2020.

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