Updates for Island Publishing / John New

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2020 (and 2019 interim)

7 Dec: Due to an unexpected problem in a WordPress update in late November the WordPress element of the site became unreliable with many posts and a significant number of the images being lost. (All the 2020 & 2019 material).

I have installed a new version to avoid a blank screen; however, this IS NOT using the current format or showing the recent content. Fixes are being worked on and from time to time there will be temporary outages whilst these are loaded and tested. We apologise for this disruption to normal service.


9 Nov Further update to the Published Works page, link added to my works on the Archive of Our Own site.

2 Aug Update to the Published Works page as new book due later in 2018 and a provisional entry also for 2019.

All earlier update content deleted as now obsolete. Site founded December 2015.