Why are systems designers now incompetant?


Another automated phone system (Dyno-Rod’s) that asks for dates but does not say it needs to be in US format. We are in the UK you should make your systems UK compatible OR make it clear you need the month first before your customers have failed several times by giving it the right way round for the UK Bad customer service there. I am not 100% convinced either that the specific request for a DofB in this instance is a justifiable request for personal data collected as it is essential to the operation of the service call. As the basis for collection of such personal data is only that it is essential to undertake the process therefore this is, also arguably, a GDPR (or whatever it is now called) failure too.

British Gas & Dyno-Rod

A while back we had dealings with British Gas that didn’t go well as regards their admin. They’ve struck again.
a) their on -ine service booking system still isn’t fixed.
b) the dates issue mentioned above, Dyno-Rod on BG’s behalf yesterday
c) their emergency repair call out, despite you having reported it as a boiler fault, sends out a plumber to confirm the boiler has an issue. However, he can’t fix boilers or any other leak that is near a boiler!!!!!

B Gas are f****** incompetent with regard to customer care. NOT touching gas lines I can understand but water dripping is surely a plumbers issue. The worst of 1960s demarcation disputes cropping up again. When a fault fixer turns up I haven’t had problems, it is an issue with the admin side not the fitters.

Very much an unhappy customer. I am a Chartered Manager, albeit now retired after 38 years. If any of my systems had been this badly set up I would justifiably have been sacked. Why are the numpties who designed this ridiculous system still employed?

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