Time for a catch up

British Gas – hopeless

We have been trying to book a service for ages, but every time doing it on line the system crashes. Finally gave in and rang the given number. Repeatedly during the call centre wait it tells you it is quicker to go on line! Duh, on line is bust!
The system for some unknown reason also demands a date of birth for security (why?) but does not tell you to add the month/day in backwards USA style until you have frustratedly told it the correct UK way round several times.
Finally on getting through to a person it then takes them 15 mins to get the service slots up on their screens so they can offer us a slot. Not the greatest admin system in the world, to say the least.
I know this reads as yet another grumpy old gits post but after working 38 years in admin related jobs today’s experience does not exactly inspire confidence. Front of house reflecting badly on the service, when it needs to be the exact opposite.

Writing update

Just a brief post to say that a further chapter was recently added into the on-going story regarding a break in at the Hogwarts Railways depot in Southall together with a short prequel about the Dursleys life in Privet Drive before the events of 1981.

A full index of my works on Ao3 can be found here – https://archiveofourown.org/users/5972OltonHall/works

Perhaps this should have gone in updates rather than here in the main blog section but here it is anyway.

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