Modelling Rufus Castle – Portland (Updated)

The blog may well drift into being mostly model railway posts. This post will be expanded but here is a holding link to a description I posted elsewhere. The real castle The Castle is on the west side of the Island of Portland in Dorset. It overlooks Church Ope Cove. Although often attributed to… Read More »

Not just politicians who twist truth

Gambling companies spend a fortune each year on sponsoring sports clubs and sports organisations; £40M a year according to this report (link below). You don’t shell out that sort of money collectively as an industry if the income results don’t support the premise that it is a good way to advertise. This is a commercial… Read More »

Scrambled pages (Again duh!)

In deleting what should have only been the dead file folders left over from the site reload some live one’s were also detected and deleted in error. I have had to reload a back-up so please forgive the currently scrambled WordPress side of the site. The older hand coded html pages should be OK although… Read More »