Biographical details

Biographical details

John New – transport historian/researcher, writer and photographer.

Sunset photo

A Portland sunset. Chesil Beach viewed from Cove Cottages.

As an introduction to this section of my website, some biographical details about myself as author and site owner.

Based on the Island of Portland in Dorset I am now in a second career as a writer, transport historian and researcher after retiring from local government management after 38 years.  I also act as the Promotions Officer for The Stephenson Locomotive Society including managing their website.  I am also website manager for the York Model Railway Show and Waggonway Research Circle.

In addition to these transport interests travel, photography and music are all significant interests for me and therefore topics also likely to occur in blog posts.  As a married man, with two married daughters and four grandchildren, even some observations on family life may appear.

My website blog

Photo of atreet riot Bethlehem. 1999

Street riot Bethlehem. 1999 Image: John New

I am politically left of centre, nominally Methodist, an ardent supporter of proportional representation and a pacifist. However, as my birthday falls on the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing perhaps the pacifism is hardly surprising.

In  2016 I completed  a BA in Communication and Media at Bournemouth University, hence some of the older blog posts having the tag BACOM.

This website blog was initially added during Autumn/Winter 2015 as an integral part of my University News & Journalism module.  The initial emphasis was therefore on news and journalism issues although it may well evolve over time into the author’s other interests.  The street riot image forming the header to this sub-section was taken by the author in Bethlehem during a visit in 1999; the troubles there have not stopped since! Originally the theme for the main site it is now only on this page.

Writing and publishing.

I have had several works published over the years, most recently locally by the Weymouth Writing Matters group.  In addition to these recent creative fiction works I have had several non-fiction articles published over the years for work or hobby related subjects.

Blog design – the appearance/theme

The current theme is Iconic One. I like the airy look with plenty of white space, together with the columnar layout.  Other themes including Twenty Sixteen, Melos and Masonic were trialed but not permanently added as each had at least one design element I disliked enough to ensure abandonment.  I am hopeful this layout will remain and allow the remainder of the site to be modernised; development on that front continues.

About the main website

island-publishing logo and copyright John New

Island-publishing logo – copyright John New

The initial island-publishing website was created because I was preparing to leave local government.  At the time I anticipated carrying out small scale publishing, photography and website design work, hence the chosen name. In reality life transpired to take me in an alternative direction around my interests in railways and transport with writing, design and publishing as supporting elements.  Website and publishing work for other groups is, however, undertaken as and when requested.

Most recent page update – 5th October 2016.