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A southbound Voyager near York

A southbound Voyager near York.

This is the front, or index, page for the section of the site covering railways. The items on this page cover prototype full size, narrow gauge and miniature examples plus coverage of model making activity. My publishing, public speaking and photographic activity is also covered.

The sections are listed alphabetically in groups by topic area and the revised format of the page means the the former autobiographical intro’ page content has been moved, but not deleted, and can now be found more logically on the “My involvement with railways”  page.

Railways have received a bad press, the anorak jokes we’ve all heard regrettably having a grain of truth behind them; however, so too those about golf fanatics, football statisticians and beer bores. That said it is a multi-faceted interest and, hopefully, this site is neither too nerdy for the generalist, nor too light for the expert.

The prototype (Web pages)

New site

My involvement with railways – a page about my lifetime involvement with, and interest in railways, model railways and railway photography.

Plum Hollow – My latest layout – N-Gauge US outline set in Illinois (Commenced July 2017).

Old site

Railway talks/film shows etc..

Railways of the Weymouth & Portland area.

Weymouth Harbour Tramway  – (The Quay Branch)

The prototype (Photography)

To avoid maintaining duplicate lists the index of albums is here – My photograph page/album index

Models and modelling techniques

Card modelling section

Card modelling techniques

Card techniques (2))

Card techniques (3)

Suggested tool kit for card

Layouts and models

Abbotsea Gardens – Christmas layout 2009. (Gn12)

Canute A loco conversion blog (Gn12)

Classic Train Set – my former Hornby-Dublo exhibition layout

Pebbles End Miniature Railway (7mm – 09))

Plum Hollow – My latest layout – N-Gauge US outline set in Illinois (Commenced July 2017). NB Listing here is for completeness; Page is on the new site

Reindeer landing – A Christmas themed project (7mm – O9)

Sand Hutton coach build (2007) – the describing web page

South Coast Steam – a layout design idea based on South Coast Steam’s yard on Portland, Dorset

Publications exhibition displays and talks

Railway talks/film shows etc..outh Coast

My photographic exhibitions

My photograph page/album index

Wollaton Wagonway Guide    (Details on WRC Site)


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