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An outline of published and accepted work

This publications page lists my published writing. The list includes both fiction and non-fiction/reference material. Where external links are given they are to the current publisher/title owner and therefore may differ from those extant at the date of publication.

By year published

The list is presented with the most recent material first.

Fan fiction

As practice for various elements of creative writing I have been writing and posting fan-fic features on the Archive of Our Own website. Link to the summary page of my works.

Ongoing serial

Bi-monthly (As Editor) – SLS Journal & Newsletter (Link to Journal webpage – cover image, contents index etc)

2019 (Provisional)

Evolution of a mainline – an appraisal of the Thames to Spithead route. In the published conference proceedings of Early Mainline Railways 2 held June 2018. (NB Paper is at the referees stage)

2018 (Due Autumn)

Why displace the horse? Early Railways Vol 6, Six Martlets Publishing 2018 Author: John New A paper presented to the Sixth Early Railways Conference. Volume is in course of preparation and the publication is now out for subscriptions – ordering link.


As Production Editor/Designer for The Stephenson Locomotive Society

  • Narrow Gauge & Miniature by Mike G Fell OBE
  • Eclectic Electrics by R A S Hennessey

Image - both book covers


Our Town Our Town, Weymouth Writing Matters December, 2015 Authors: Anthology. Three contributions to this anthology of writing on the Weymouth & Portland Areas; the 4th publication by the Weymouth Writing Matters group.


Wollaton or Broseley? – the gap narrows Early Railways Vol 5, Six Martlets Publishing 2014 Author: John New A paper presented to the Fifth Early Railways Conference about the background to the first recorded waggonway and included in the conference proceedings volume. The paper also revisited Huntington Beaumont’s operation of the Wollaton coal mines suggesting earlier interpretations of it as reckless mismanagement were flawed.


Dark Matters Weymouth Writing Matters November 2013 Authors: Anthology. Four contributions to this, third, Weymouth Writing Matters poetry and short story anthology. Subjects all related to autumn/winter.

A Matter of Springtime A Matter of Springtime by Weymouth Writing Matters April 2013 Authors: John New. Two written contributions and several illustrations for this second anthology published by the Weymouth Writing Matters Group.


A Matter of Christmas by Weymouth Writing Matters December, 2012 Authors: Anthology. One contribution to this anthology of items by local writers; the first to be published by the Weymouth Writing Matters group.


The course of a Tudor coal mine drainage sough at Wollaton and Lenton. Jointly with Graham Crisp. Thoroton Society 2005 Authors: John New, Graham Crisp A comprehensive study of the course of the Tudor drainage sough through Wollaton and Lenton. NB An online version exists here Part 1 Part 2 ; it is not known if this version is a Thoroton Society authorised copy.


400 years of English railways – Huntingdon Beaumont and the early years Backtrack (Vol 18 No 11) Pendragon Publications November 2004 Author: John New Comprehensive article in Backtrack Magazine (Vol 18 No 11 – November 2004) about the Wollaton Waggonway (or Wagonway) and the builder of it – Huntington Beaumont. Waggonway also referred to occasionally as the Strelley Tramway.

The Wollaton Waggonway 2004 Authors: John New, Graham Crisp, Keith Hunt A short guide to the World’s first recorded waggonway (embryonic railway) at Wollaton near Nottingham. Built in 1604 by Huntingdon Beaumont in connection with operation of the adjacent coal mines. Published for the quadri-centenary of the line. Available on-line from the Waggonway Research Circle.


400 Years of Railways in Britain – The Wollaton Waggonway. Author: John New. The Journal of The Stephenson Locomotive Society.


Sultan’s Christmas Railway Magazine, January 2001 Author: John New A magical Christmas story filling in just one of the gaps in Santa’s Christmas delivery network.


Hornby Dublo – sixtieth birthday Railway Modeller – Peco Publications September 1998 Author: John New.


The public premium for insurance claims Municipal Journal 25 Aug 1989 p.32-33



The preservation bubble Railway Magazine, IPC Business Press April 1979. Author: John New An analysis of what was then the state of play with regard to the railway preservation movement.

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