The software farce of backwards incompatibility

Having one of those annoying and frustrating days when a simple task (using the scanner) takes three hours and counting because a software update has taken place since you used it last. The result of that needing you to find out the problem (first hour and a half wasted – the support message on Epson’s website is fairly well hidden), then more time needed to download the replacement software etc., etc.

It is high time governmental bodies with enough clout (The EU and the Federal USA body to name two) really took suppliers to task over retention of backwards compatibility in IT operating systems.

They should do so, if nothing else, for green reasons to avoid scrappage but haven’t shown any signs of doing so yet. The EU might have the bottle to do it based on previous actions about spare parts availability and common plug standards etc., but the USA won’t interfere in the drive for profit.


Finally working after about seven hours, three software reloads and a lot of frustration. OK, EPSON get some credit for providing a solution that allows the scanner to still work but the alternative software they now supply (Silver Lite) is harder to use than their original Epson Scan 2. Very aggravating to find these forced steps backward in usability.

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