Apology for a lack of updates

I don’t want the blog to cease but life has been somewhat hectic since the last post; has this blog really seen nothing new posted since Christmas: where has the year gone? Those who know me will be aware that my replacement as SLS Journal editor suffered a disastrous house fire just into the new year and I have been standing in for him from, and including, the March/April edition. Hopefully, Kelvyn, will be back in harness for the 2024 editions leaving me with just one more to do.

I have been busy, including both non-fiction and fiction writing, but nothing much posted either here or on Ao3 recently (Last post there was in May). What I have been mostly doing, as a result of the acting Editor’s role, is unsurprisingly editing, designing and typesetting¬† the Journal. The next big job with this blog, and partly why procrastination has ruled the roost, is that something went wrong with the media library. I tried to reload the missing images and accidentally filled it. There is now a massive deletion exercise to be done.

Hoping to get back to at least monthly updates before to too long.

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