Railway modelling update

Old baseboards image

Modelling update

This is just a short post. I am taking advantage today of what might be one of the last sunny autumn days to get some garage tidying done and make my railway modelling gear and stock more accessible.

Old baseboards image

Old baseboards

Sadly the garage check has produced a major casualty. The old, stored, baseboards haven’t warped (I stored them well supported to prevent that) but will all have to go the dump later due to woodworm attack. Although this is not in fact too big an issue as I’d forgotten how heavy 1/2 chipboard made them! That weight would probably have stopped reuse anyway, and it was also what I was expecting having found wood worm in another item recently, a secondary trigger for the tidy and slinging session. Only sadness is for the one survivor, see board marked A, that had survived in one form or another from the first proper layout I made back in the late 60s.

Portable not static

This is also is indicative of a change in the style of my railway modelling. Back when I started the abandoned project the boards were to have been left permanently up, albeit they could be dismantled in case of house moves etc., and mounted on a fixed Dexion frame. Anything I model these days is intended to be light and portable as most of the time I am having a running session it is outdoors in summer; the garage is too cold and damp for a permanent layout.



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