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Politicians lies / finishing UNI

EU map

Map of EU (Pre-UK referendum) – source BBC website

I started this blog as part of a University course (BACOMM Bournemouth). That has now finished, a time to reflect whilst awaiting the results.  Over the three years I interacted with many EU Citizens from outside the UK both as lecturers and fellow students, a positive outcome, for all.

Was the course worth the time and money? That has to be a yes although like many I have been shafted by changes to the financial rules during the period from making the initial UCAS application to actually finishing UNI. That is the main point of this post; we are bombarded by politicians lies but we never seem to recognise that basic premise or learn from it, history merely recycles as the citizenry collectively forget! Politics is a dirty game – this time around I think several figures have been hoist by their own petards.

BREXIT – citizenship or subject?

As a mature student I am being blamed for being one of an aged population who, collectively, are supposed to have shafted the UK by voting for an EU exit. More lies.  Amongst my age group I only know of one definite exit voter but around 30-40 who voted IN.

Could those who voted us out please explain how I can keep my rights as a European citizen? We will shortly once again become subjects of the state, not citizen you note, subjects. The very word designed to put you in place below an incompetent ruling political class.

It is a worrying time  too close a parallel to 1930s Germany and the rise of the far right.

Please let sanity prevail this time around.

America – Trump – really?

Even more worrying than the UK/Europe farce, and the probable break up of the UK as a consequence, is the thought that an apparently civilized country can be so stupid as to vote en-masse in the primaries for Trump. A Presidential candidate running on an apparent policy ticket of (1) upset one of the USA’s nearest land neighbour Mexico, (2) upset the non-Christians, (3) no gun-controls plus (4) racism and misogyny.

As an old-fashioned socialist (taking that in its widest humanist form) I despair of where we appear to be going.


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