Here we go again

Palace of Westminster in 2011 Copyright John New
Palace of Westminster in 2011 Copyright John New

Another year another election

So 2017 brings with it the unexpected situation of a general election despite our political leader saying there would be no election until 2020. What got me into blogging back in 2015 was the general election of that year and a Uni project blog on the GE of 2015. Sadly that is no longer publicly accessible.

Politicians lies.

Again de-ja-vu with our leaders contradicting statements strongly made. Can we trust them? Can we heck. I will be voting, however, I wish my vote would count in a proportional representative system, sadly it won’t and yet again I expect I will be backing the runner-up!

Just a short blog post then this time from a cynic. Seen it all before. As Mark Twain famously said – “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

Does anything change, no: back in June 2016 what was the title of that month’s blog post, yes you’ve guessed it – Politicians lies.


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